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Store Credit

How to use your STORE CREDIT


Please see the step by step guide below to learn how to view and redeem your store creditStore credit does not expire and can be used on any future purchases. Unfortunately due to the way the store credit works, it cannot be combined with other discount codes on purchases.
First, login to your account. If you do not have an account please use the link below to register and use this SAME email if you've made a previous purchase so that it will link everything together.
If your account has store credit you will see a box up at the top of your account page that says "StoreCredit". If there is no store creditthere will be no box. 

If the store credit box is available, then click it to use your credittowards items in cart.

If the box is not there and you believe you should have store creditfor a previous order, please email us at
You will be able to apply your store creditto your purchase from this screen. You can use the store credit amount in full by checking the box or decide how much store credit you would like to apply to your purchase by entering it next to the dollar sign. You do not have to spend the full amount on one purchase, if you would like to spend half of your store credit and save the rest for a later purchase you are more than welcome to. It will not expire.

Next go to your cart to checkout.

On the check out screen your storecredit will be listed as a discount so you can double check exactly how much you have chosen to apply to your purchase. Your store credit will not show if there are no items in the cart.

Last, continue through the payment method screens as usual.