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About Us

Howdy and welcome to The Punchy Peyote - Home of the original Punchy Pullover! We are so excited that you have joined us in adding some unique western cuteness to your family's closet! We are STUCK ON QUALITY and hope you'll get your hands on some of the one of kind, handmade pieces sold in our boutique.


How We Became Branded

We were born from the dirt of two craft junkies mixed with some ranchin', western fashion, lots of cactus and vintage love topped off with a splash of glitter! 
It all started out during our college years at Texas A&M University as a means to help us through school... in our 110 year old, remodeled baby house... on our family's ranch land.
We decided that the children's western fashion world really needed some help so we took it upon ourselves to start designing and sewing our own punchy items for sale. Everything we had seen on the market was just too bland for our liking! The Punchy Pullover was born along with many bloomers, bolos and a handful of vintage items...  that quickly turned into adult sizing! My obsession with cactus paved the way for our company name and from their we started building our empire! We've now created a wholesale company called Western Wits, LLC to share our products with the rest of the western industry as well.
We aimed to be different, original, noticed and make a huge first impression so we brought new items to the table!!
The huge support of our customers and this business helped us finance our way through graduating college (Class of 2018, WHOOP!) and now here we are, thriving and creating unique items for your family in the heart of Texas!
Be sure to check out our new SLIM PICKINS' line for the top hands in your life. We are beyond excited to be able to contribute to your closets and daily western wear. After all, we couldn't have done it without you!
Yours Truly,
Blake & Rikki Jo Klecka
Gig Em' & God Bless